Monday, June 23, 2008

Google Video ads and Music Industry team up for inexcusably crude online digital idiocy.

I was on YouTube watching the video forLiz Wright's "My Heart" when an in-video ad disrupted the experience. Way to get in the way of what should have been a positive first experience with an artist with a disruptive pitch for another "product".

A female R&B artist and a Steve Carell comedy, what's the connection? There isn't one, except that they're both are on Universal. I doubt that they use any behavior information to serve these insertions, they just insert randomly without thinking about relevance or synergy.

Clicking on the inserted annoyance plays the trailer for Get Smart in-window. Even if it were relevant it would still be clumsy.

The Liz Wright page that this video is on is what is called a "partner page". They could have gone to greater lengths to make is a more fully "branded experience", but they didn't. In the right sidebar, instead of an ad for another R&B artist there is one for a country musician, Phil Vassar.

I clicked to see what the Phil Vassar page looks like. It is a more robustly designed custom page but done in the grotesquely messy style of a MySpace page. Disgusting and disorganized.

I could rip this shit apart all day long but I can't be bothered. YouTube should be helping their partners to do better and smarter programs online. This makes them both look bad.

Here is topper, I would love to be able to embed and share with you Liz Wright's fantastic track but the douchebags at Universal have that feature disabled. The music industry continues to demonstrate why they don't deserve to be in business.

I normally don't digress to the tone I've used in this post but this shit is so bad it makes me angry. Thanks YouTube (Google) and Universal for irritating me and wasting my time. In exchange for the lessons in digital media I fully intend to spend the rest of my evening stealing your label's music online. I'm owed it.

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