Monday, June 16, 2008

Infographics: The Perfect (Penis) Fit

A chart that shows women's preference for penis length and circumference.

Where is the chart for gay dudes?

How about a chart that tracks words per minute out of a woman's mouth and concept's per hour that a man gives a crap about. If they talk about "Preferred Penis Size", "Burgers", "Cars", "Hookers", "Shopping", that might be 2 out of 5 concepts I could care about even slightly. (This was Nixta's idea, I can't take credit or responsibility)

Via Design Notes


Kathleen said...

That's what irritates you? Penis chart = boring conversation?

My question is who paid for the research behind the chart? Why? Who needed to know this information that badly? And once you have the data (and the chart), what next?

But that's just me.

Thomas Sherman said...


As with most charts and data the use for each viewer is in answering the question "How do I stack up?"

Nixta was the one who came up with the boring conversation chart idea, not me.

WOW GOLD said...
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