Monday, June 23, 2008


...on Facebook.

SEX is the name of the group I started on Facebook over the weekend. Initially as a joke, who after all doesn't want to "join group sex"? Then I got to thinking that the intersection of technology and sex is a very fertile and worthy area of inquiry. One that deserves more attention.

The links between technology and pornography is a frequently discussed subject. See my essay entitled Snapshots of Humanity

In my essay I give great txt (Courtship Revisited) I wrote about elements of courtship that have been renewed by digital technology.

Back when Friendster first came out I would jokeingly refer to the social networking model as "f*** your firend's friends (becuase you can't f*** your friends). There is a serious insight embedded in that snide framing. Sex is a powerful individual drive and social force. Any context of social interaction is going to have sexual or sexualized components. Sex is a big part of our lives.

An interesting evaluation of how useful social networks are is how well they facilitate flirting, dating and other "sexual behaviors". This is complicated given sensitivity to decorum and the obvious wish to keep children protected from inappropriate content and undesirable people. These issues and concerns are mirrored in life. How we balance these things is important?

My hope is that entertaining content will be a draw that leads to useful examinations of these topics.

Here is a link to the Group Page

I'm looking for contributors and administrators. Anyone interested, shoot me an email.

If you haven't alreadt seen this, it's a must: Vagina Power & Penis Power!

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