Wednesday, June 18, 2008

TV spot for the new Ikea coming to Brooklyn (Build it and they will come)

This is a follow-up to the piece I posted last week on the tv spots for the new Ikea store coming to Brooklyn directed by friend and colleague , John Hobbs.

I was in his loft just after the over 6,000 boxes had been delivered and were stacked everywhere. I really regret not going to the shoot because I have no idea how he pulled this off. He talks a bit about the complexity and challenge in the this NY Times piece: Thousands of Boxes in the Cardboard City

“I honestly na├»vely believed it wouldn’t be that difficult,” said John Hobbs, a Brooklyn artist who embarked on this project in is Williamsburg loft. “They’re boxes. They’re rectangles.” –John Hobbs

I can't wait to see the spots on tv, the version on YouTube is low res and small so don't get a full sense of the scale and challenge of the undertaking. Its much more evident in the shot that was run with the NYTimes piece.


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