Friday, June 27, 2008

Words are just funny, funny sounds

Jimmy on Pictures and Television
I was out to dinner with Jimmy, his mother and his cousin. Towards the end of the dinner his cousin takes out the camera to get a few pics. When she points it at Jimmy he objects and turns his head "No, no, no. No Pictures.

He mother quips, "your always talking about how you want to be on television, but you won't let people take your picture?"

"Mom, on TV I have a chance to explain myself"

A friend of mine owned his own business. An employee who worked the night shift was a sweet guy but a little slow. One night my fiend calls into the office to see how things are and the employee answers the phone in a flustered state, "Mark, Mark, the whole place is in Shamrocks."

That's stuck with me for years. There is something about substituting shamrocks for shambles that is indded very Irish.

In the news: Union anger at "Dickensian" toilet policy
LONDON (Reuters) - A meat company has been branded Dickensian after forcing its employees to clock-off every time they want to go to the toilet.

The union Unite has criticized the meat processor for "essentially stopping staff pay when they visit the toilet."

The company, based in Dumfriesshire, insists anyone wanting to be excused from the system has to provide medical evidence, the union added.

The best part of this is the company name: Brown Brothers


Kathleen said...

For your friend Jimmy, I used to hate being photographed until a couple years ago. A wonderful man, the base player in my husband's band, died of cancer. At the wake there were literally thousands of photos of this man, smiling, arms around friends, having fun, obviously in love with his life. Every one of the hundreds of people who came that day found themselves in a photo with him, and while we were still heartbroken, we all found moments of joy in that room, proof that not a moment of his life had been wasted.

Photos that family and friends take are not about beauty, they are about love and life. I look at the pictures of my son when he was born, my father holding me when I was my son's age, and my grandmother when she held my dad as a baby, and am glad they had no fear of the camera. Since that day, I've never refused to be in a picture, no matter how bad I think I look.

Kathleen said...

That should be "bass player."

Dex Quire said...

Thomas Sherman

I posted this comment to your Feb 19 entry on "Outsiders." Egomaniac that I am, I didn't want it to get buried - Blogspot should have a tool to let owners know when they get a new comment in any part of their blog...anyway, you're tops, cheers

Well done Sherman. Only one tiny ocrrection: the emphatic phrase is "for all intents and purposes."

Great site; you're a thoughtful & funny man; a genuine break from all the political mishmash of the web.

I feel I could tell you in all confidence a dream I had last night (it's still fresh in my mind as I write).

I dreamed I went to a downtown (city unknown) music store with my dad. I was carrying my red Howard Robert's Fusion guitar. The entrance to the store was a kind of colorful built-out kid's toy house. The only opening we could see was a small window at street level. You couldn't crawl through. "How do you get in?" I yelled into the window. "The piano!" came the reply. Flush to the wall was, indeed, a toy piano which, when pulled, swivilled the whole toy house assembly away like a door. We entered. The owners, man and woman, were a bland jolly couple. The woman examined the back of my guitar and noticed the scratch marks from belt buckles and whatnot. She said, "You can get rid of this with the [unintelligible technical dream term] process. I looked at my dad. He was getting a kick out of everything. Dream over.

Thomas said...

thanks you Dex for your generous compliments.
I was taking a look at your site, your book sounds fascinating. Will def pick it up and give it a read.

And yes, I have been corrected on the intents and purposes thing before... how embarassing

WOW GOLD said...
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