Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Christian the Lion

Unreal, truly. Really quite touching, although I could have done without the Whitney Houston. Maybe a medley would have been better... something from Lion King followed by "wild Thing" (Tone Loc), "Talk a walk on the Wild side" and wrapping it up with Hall and Oats... "Maneater".

Or maybe the whole thing is a setup, an obvious play on the Christians and Lions thing and "love" conquering all differences. I feel dirty and used just thinking about it.


Kathleen said...

I think it's interesting that the longer we study animals, the more we find out they have qualities we thought set us apart from them. Chimpanzees have jealousy and rage, elephants mourn their dead and parrots get depression. This sort of thing could make me a vegetarian if it keeps up.

Thomas Sherman said...

I totally agree. I see at least a science story a week that closes that "gap" between man and beast.

I tried to hint at this in my peice on evolution and the taco bell trick.

We have some serious revising to do, and it my get uncomfortable. What passed for moral, acceptable treatment of animals may not as easy to live with as it was.

Ben said...

It's quite remarkable how we manage to simultaneously distance "humans" from the rest of the animal kingdom while at the same time anthropomorphizing certain traits of the cuter species. The video Tom posted about "monkeys" referenced this issue nicely. Ah, but who can really blame us? We are the dominant species, after all. We set the rules. We like to pet our cake and eat it (them) too.

As a sidebar, nothing could ever make me want to stop eating delicious cows. I ate 'em during the mad cow epidemic (which means I cannot give blood in the US due to 15-year-old paranoia, a genuine regret, but that's another topic). I've suffered them in Pret-a-Manger sandwiches (a true bastardization of "food"). I'll eat those big, mooing chunks of protein 'til they stop coming home.

king friday said...

That is exactly how Daniel Striped Tiger greats me every time I see him.

Thomas Sherman said...

We like to pet out cake and eat them to! Outlandish! I love it!

I'll eat anything that used to have eyes.

I lived in London in 2000, and ate sunday roasts and beef often. Does that mean I can't give blood???

Nixta, is this true??

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