Thursday, July 10, 2008

Dustin Humphrey & Dopamine

Some amazing photographs by Dustin Humphrey, apparently shot as part of a promotion for a clothing label called insight51.

I think everyone involved was really high because I can't figure out what the connection is between the label, the photographs and a film called dopamine. If you click here you can be confused as well.

The video below is described as a trailer for a film called Dopamine. It's cool but I have no idea what it's "about".

Dopamine from TheShermanFoundation on Vimeo.

Nixta, thanks, once again for showing me the way.

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Nixta said...

Upon further investigation this morning, I think that it's actually all just part of the marketing campaign for this fashion line.

There is a surfing themed movie:

And a skateboarding themed movie:

I think you actually showed the trailer:

Also some colour posters:

Check this page out as a hook. On the left is the hint to the fashion lines, in the middle, some of the people, and on the right, some press:

Here's their award for marketing:

What got me thinking about that was that it has the feel of the WESC campaign for Street Horsing from last year or the year before:

It could all be fantastically cool, or it could all be a bit Nathan Barley:

I suppose you say "why limit myself to photography when I can do video to both advertise the line and talk about the inspiration". But I thought the French or Italians might have done that about 40 years ago? It certainly looks a bit like it.