Friday, July 11, 2008

Fleet Foxes

Earlier this week Lady D-Mac turned me on to the Fleet Foxes and the video for White Winter Hymnal.

Yesterday she managed to get her meat hooks on a couple of tickets to the show at Union Hall. We got there just in time to be front and center for the bands show. The basement area where bands play isn't any bigger than many of the basement rec rooms of suburban homes. Thanks again D-Mac. (We gotta go back to Union Hall to play bocce.)

Before the show I had dinner with an business colleague, you can add Capital Grille to the list of great steal houses in NYC. If you go , have the calamari appetizer, it amazing. (I know, its calamari, every restaurant on the planet serves it and easy to have mediocre or bad plat of it put in front of you, but trust me, it great.)

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Dani said...

You're welcome, big bird! Fleet Foxes are magic! :)