Saturday, July 19, 2008

Radiohead's "House of Cards" Video

Radiohead used a real-time laser scanning process to reate the video for the single "House of Cards".

Its important to watch it here so that you can interact with the video data (change the angle and scene), very fun. It also looks best when viewed in the flash player. The fidelity of the compressed video versions I've see are squishy and don't do this justice.

I was initially turned on to this by the article on Creativity Online about the making of the video for Radiohead's House of Cards: From OK Computer to Roll Computer. The piece is a good read.

In the article director James Frost talks about the cameraless process, working blind (without visual preview) and a set that was largely tech and computer guys as opposed to a film crew. This is a great example of technology being used differently than what its designed, intended purpose is. Here's an excerpt:

Creativity: What are the engineers on the set usually doing with this equipment? I'd think this would be a high point for them.

JF: I think they found it quite amusing. Both of them were excited to be there; we had one engineer from each company that has the scanners. In their mind they thought we were nuts, because we were using them in ways they'd never been used before. Using it in a creative way, physically moving in a dolly and stuff, is not something they even do. They have vans hooked up to GPS units and stuff so they get incredibly precise recordings of their environments. We're just like, Oh yeah, let's drive it through this field; try to keep it at five miles per hour if you can.

There are some great making of features and info about the technology HERE.

Great thanks to my lovely crush Kim for turning me on.

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