Wednesday, August 06, 2008

OverScene 8/6/08

Photos taken last evening walking home from the gym.

Forces of nature at the Calvin Klein store, Madison Avenue.

I'm not sure what the (obviously not windpowered AND burning precious electricity) Windmills (provided by Clipper Windpower) have to do with fashion but the word squandering comes to mind.

I do like the gravity defying mannequins in the background of the shot.

Next store at Barney's we see the themes of air and defying gravity played out again.

Downtown at ABC the Grey Gardens look is alive and well.

Ditto at Barney's.

The problem with the Grey Garden's aesthetic is that it attracts vermin... and bears!

This one is going right for the zipper!

At Ralph Lauren for women, gay hustlers or preppy women? I just love the elements of sleazy confused gender roles behind the patrician ruse. Am I the only one that see this? If you haven't read my post The Aesthetic Narrative of Ralph Lauren for Women (That ain't no woman, it's a man, baby!) get on it.

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