Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Art of the Pitch: Mel Farr "Superstar"

When I was attending art school in Detroit, an art direction instructor explained to the class that the reason that spokespeople in used-car ads "yelled" at the camera was that the commercial makers believed that in order to "break-in" to the family room with your sales pitch, you had to talk to urban, African-American families the way that they talked to each other, by yelling at them.

This may or may not be a bit of apocryphal racism. My girlfriend, also a native of Detroit and film director points out that the ads were shot outdoors in close proximity to traffic using onboard mics.

Here is a classic example featuring Mel Farr "Superstar". The pitch isn't nearly as loud and aggressive as I remember them.


kobe56,bitch said...

zi miss the jingle

"mel farr, superstar
for a far better deal"

Anonymous said...

This appears to be an "advanced" Mel Farr ad - not the gritty, yelling fare he started out with. He musta sold a lot of those used Chryslers to blow it out with this animation...

Thomas Sherman said...

I thought I remembered his ads being rougher and louder. You're right, this must be a later ad. Hmmm.