Thursday, September 04, 2008

Eat, F***, Kill... aaah, The Sunshine State

My apologies for the hiatus in posts. I've been spending time in Los Angeles and I have been very busy and very preoccupied. I did have a moment this afternoon to pop into a 7-11 and get myself a Slurpee (flavor, Black Ice). The girl ahead of me in line had a stuffed animal under her arm. Pinned to its forehead was a pin that read "Eat, Fuck, Kill". Big posts coming your way next week. Cheers.

(I know California is not the sunshine state, it's a joke, a line actually from Old School.)

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crazy_cobra said...

reminds me of that old george carlin joke.
california is like a big bowl of cereal.
everyone is either a fruit, nut or flake.