Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sunday School at The Sherman Foundation: How to find a woman's G-Spot

A helpful medial illustration in the classic explosion-view cutaway style. Very Helpful.

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The image's original source, a very thorough and helpful article on technique: Female Masturbation The G-SPOT Massage


HyperSexualGirl said...

That article with the diagram seemed to be rather heavy on the "asking permission" business like the writer was having sex with a complete stranger. As well, many women (including me) don't have a pronounced "shelf" like that diagram suggests. This notwithstanding, it's refreshing that some men endeavor to learn more about the G-spot.

Thomas Sherman said...

I'm just one man, an ordinary guy, doing what I can to lend a hand and help fulfill all of the needs of the world that go wanting.

HyperSexualGirl said...

Lend a hand, hmmm. Don't you mean lend a finger? ;) But seriously, maybe you could start a group, something like the Guardian Angels, but instead you help women find their G-spots. You could call yourselves the G Angels.

Anonymous said...

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