Monday, September 22, 2008

Irrationality, Democracy and Voting

The advertising industry and political strategist have know for ages what remains unacceptable to our overt collective definitions of ourselves, that we are not rational beings and are primarily emotional creature.

What does it say about the nature of Democracy if we not, as we would like to believe, creatures of reason and principle but rather reactive, emotional beings easily manipulated and incredibly swayed by changes in the society-at-large group dynamics?

From NOW onn PBS, great interview with some interesting points on messaging structure: Obama in Danger?

Are tactical mistakes by Obama going to cost him the election? Maybe, says psychologist and Democratic political consultant Drew Westen. The author of "The Political Brain," talks to NOW's David Brancaccio about how appealing to voters' emotions reaps bigger electoral rewards than hammering home policy proposals. Westen is a Professor of Psychology at Emory University and the founder of Westen Strategies, LLC, a political and corporate consulting firm.

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