Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday School at The Sherman Foundation: There is no such thing as Steven Hawking

I maintain a healthy distrust and scepticism of science. After all, it's a narrow framework useful for only a limited range of inquiries and one that has blinded us from addressing the truly important questions and pressing issues.

One of the most powerful tools of science's hegemonic chokehold over western consciousness is the Steven Hawking myth. The existence of the British theoretical physicist goes beyond the scientific elites usual program of cosmological oversimplification to perform one of greatest hoaxes of modern times. To put it plainly, Steven Hawking does not or has he ever existed.

The elaborate ruse was invented to fill the post-Einstein personality void and push through the more complex and contentious positions (it's awkward and embarrassing to argue with "the machine") while creating a useful distraction for the more pedestrian, day-to-day operations of science.

It appears that hoax's usefulness is wearing thin and its creators are ready to "jump the shark". This week they used the mythic Hawking's to present a $1.8 million clock. The Clock which has no hands and no numbers "relies on grasshopper escapement to function, and to let you know that time can never be regained once lost, that beast on top actually gobbles down time every 60th second. Oh, and every hour, on the hour, the sound of a "chain dropping into a wooden coffin" is played to really pound home the "time is a destroyer" concept."

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