Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Web and Television (a sibling rivalry)

Or "How The Computer Ambushed Television" or 'Why The Atomic Bomb Unleashed Forces That Led To The Writers Strike".

The computer and television both turned 60 recently. In this TED Talk Peter Hirshberg talks about the uneasy relationship between the tech and entertainment industries.

Convergence continues to be a much speculated and poorly predicted phenomenon. The way that these 2 industries compete and cooperate is fascinating. As much as I admire Apple's products I have very unresolved feelings about them turning from a maker of "tools for the mind" (Think Different) to a distribution channel and maker of devices for traditional media consumption.

What makes this a further perplexing issue of me is that their wonderfully designed devices for consumption (iTunes, iPod, Apple TV and the iPhone) are providing Apple with extraordinary profits while driving down the value of content and accelerating the forces that are placing the entertainment industry under duress. (I will explain this a bit further in a follow-up post on "The relative value of content later today).


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Heather said...

Very similar to what computers are doing to newspapers too.