Saturday, October 18, 2008

Mattress Pattern Designs

I was walking down the street today and saw several mattresses waiting to be picked up by trash collectors. What gave me pause were the designs on them. That manufacturers take the time and expense to design and print ornamental patterns on mattresses is a little surprising, especially on the low end of the price point spectrum. After all, they are never really seen after purchase. The mattress is covered by a mattress pad, fitted sheets, sheets, comforters etc. That is until the day they get discarded and put out with the trash.

The patterns are, in a sense, a design feature that remains dormant for the life of the product and becomes activated and visible only when the product has outlived its usefulness. A display that draws attention only to the fact that it has an expired function and sits curbside, awaiting its removal and destruction.

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Nixta said...

But presumably it's like a kitten at the rescue shelter trying to look cuter than the others: it's for when it's in the store with all the other mattresses that are otherwise indistinguishable from one-another that the pattern becomes relevant.