Saturday, October 04, 2008

Self Preservation: 12 Year Old McDonald's Hamburger

What does a 12 year old McDonald's Hamburger stored in tupperware look like? It looks exactly like it did 12 years ago.

A woman named Karen Hanrahan who teaches a workshop titled Healthy Choices for Children uses this to show parents the true nature of what children are eating when they eat fast food.

1996 McDonalds Hamburger

This is a hamburger from McDonalds that I purchased in 1996.
That was 12 years ago.
Note that it looks exactly like it did the very day I bought it.
The flecks on the burger are crumbs from the bun.
The burger is starting to crumble a bit.
It has the oddest smell.


ANIMIKE said...

mmm. when should me hit up mcD's for our yearly big mac?

HyperSexualGirl said...

I am proud to say I have never eaten in a McDonalds.

Glad to see the Sherman Foundation back. I was worried there when it went dark for a bit. I like it because it makes me think, even though I don't understand it half the time.

kathleen said...

The tupperware scares me more than the burger.

Anonymous said...

Does she periodically re-wrap it in paper from the current marketing campaign?

Don't think "I'm lovin' it" has been around that long...

optimalzen said...

"The paper and bag in the backround is circa 2008 - to add decor to the photo. My friend Robyn's idea."

Well, I guess she does re-wrap it. Never mind...

Anonymous said...

Burger Blues
By: Lefty Farkleberry

Apparently, I can get a burger now
At my local Mickey “D’s”,
“Freshly” fried to order,
Hold the lettuce, onions, pickles please.

Then, take that savory Happy-slab
Of ground-up cow on home,
Park it for a score of years,
Until it resembles greasy Styrofoam.

Wonder if an archeologist will find it,
A fossilized Quarter Pound?
And if Ronald, then, will want it back,
To sell it one more round?

Sildenafil Citrate said...

sorry is this sound unpolite but...what the hell? how could do this? I mean you leave a hamburger for a week in the refrigerator and for that thing will start to speak you.