Monday, October 20, 2008

Stereotips: Gender and Voice Commands

"Stereotips", the name I give to useful pieces of advice based on ethnic, cultural, sociographic, psychographic or gender stereotypes.

Male voices are more effective for giving orders.

Female voices are more effective for the delivery of informational messages.

With regards to why certain messages are voiced by males and others by females, MTA spokesperson Gene Sansone said in 2006 that, "Most of the orders are given by a male voice, while informational messages come from females. Even though this happened by accident, it is a lucky thing because a lot of psychologists agree that people are more receptive to orders from men and information from women".[22]. For example, a 4 (NYCS) Bronx-bound train at a station would broadcast, "This is a Bronx-bound 4 express train. The next stop is 125 Street," with a female voice. Before the doors close, a male recording would then announce, "Stand clear of the closing doors please!"

NYC Transit Travelguide


kathleen said...

As Hillary discovered, when women give orders, men automatically perceive it as nagging. I've read that men consider this to be a flaw in women, rather than themselves.

I'm sure you'll agree with this information, since it was delivered in my dulcet feminine tones. ~:-P

Kim said...

I like what Kathleen said but does that mean it's wrong that I always seriously question information given to me by men? I don't think so...I think they often give wrong information.

Orders, on the other hand, are a different story...


CaptainKobe56 said...

Both of you, stop it.