Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Village Pet Store And Charcoal Grill

There is a new pet store and "charcoal grill" in New York's West Village.

Featured there are such oddities as

A leopard lounging on a tree tree branch in the window.

McDonald's Chicken McNuggets sipping barbecue sauce.

A rabbit putting on her makeup.

Breaded fish swimming in a large round bowl.

This curious attraction is actually the latest work of the artist Banksy. Although I think the execution of the piece is excellent, I have some problems with it. Location is the big one. Anything very interesting or "cool" in New York gets so overrun with visitors that its becomes impossible to have an enjoyable experience. I won't go to New York museums on weekends anymore.

Placing this small "piece" in New York's West Village (next to Sushi Samba of all places) intensifies that problem and is self defeating to the concept. Instead of being an inexplicable "thing" one stumbles across fortuitously it feels like a cheap New York attraction. There were so many people lined up to see it when I passed by last week that they had put up barricades and were only allowing a few people at a time close enough to take pictures of the windows and fewer to walk inside.

The piece also lacks the subversiveness of say the Guantanamo Bay Detainee that Banksy planted in Disneyland's Big Thunder Mountain Railroad ride back in 2006. Maybe it's time for someone to start making "fake" Banksy pieces with real subversiveness again.

But hey, if you enjoy standing in lines with everyone else in New York, knock yourself out. Its on display until October 31st.

Why not throw your entire day away by walking a few blocks to Magnolia bakery and waiting in another ridiculous line for some very, very overrated cupcakes.

VIA The Wooster Collective

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