Thursday, October 23, 2008

Words to live by: "Figure it out!"

At an agency I worked at few years back, the head of our group called a coworker into his office. He sits him down, looks him in the eye and says, "if I ask you to do anything else for me in the next 6 month... you tell me to go fuck myself!"

There was a massive, live media event that our group was producing. A monster of a project. A logistical nightmare with lots of moving piece and lots of powerful players. Our boss wanted to make sure that this did not get fucked up. "I need you to go and figure it out... figure it out."

Here is Faye Dunaway (as Joan Crawford) dispensing the same advice.

Everyone remembers "no wire hangers" from Mommie Dearest, by my favorite is the scene where Joan Crawford addresses the Pepsi Co. board of directors after her husbands death.


bob ichter said...

I was raised by a mother who likely took her lessons from Joan Crawford. I can remember at the age of 7 being yanked out of bed by the hair on my head at midnight to run the vacuum cleaner, because my mother upon returning home from her 3-11 shift would find a piece of lint on the carpet.

bob ichter said...

Also, when my Mother would ask me to put something away [ no matter how large or small the object was], if I asked where she wanted me to put it, she would invariably reply " shove it up your ass"......mommy dearest indeed.

Thomas Sherman said...


are really hope youre kidding, but you probably arent

it takes special upbringing and training to be an artist in adult life

suffer well


Bob Ichter said...

All true...I should write a book