Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Isaac Mizrahi at Ted

I have been waiting a long time for TED to release this particular talk.

I have always enjoyed listening to Isaac Mizrahi speak. He is, like many fashion designers, an incredibly astute observer of culture. He first really impressed me when I saw him in Barry Levinson's documentary "Yesterday's Tomorrows" (On the way the future was envisioned in the 60's, highly recommended.)

I love that Isaac was invited to Ted. A very charming, funny talk. So often the speakers at TED from the design world are predictable and boring.

The video Isaac shows on women and fashion in the movies is great.

This is an audio clip of Isaac from NPR talking about earnestness and fashion.

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bytemycobrayoudirststar said...

that animated spot at the end of the mizrahi ted talk is just about one of the coolest things i've ever seen. was hoping it was a TED ad, and was a little let down by the reveal (AutoDesk).

Anyway, fascinating clip. I had no idea mizrahi was so off the charts.