Friday, November 21, 2008

Motrin outrage

It seems that a misguided ad from Motrin has infuriated Mothers. Mothers in not a demographic to f*** with. They are networked into a strong community.

I take a second offense to the ad. It uses that animated typography narration that is so so so played out.

A new ad for Motrin, sold by J&J's McNeil Consumer Healthcare unit, tried to appeal to moms with an attempt at a chatty copy about using Motrin to treat sore muscles that result from a baby carrier. But some members of the target audience were offended, and a flood of scathing items appeared on Twitter. The website went down Sunday night and as of Monday morning still hasn't come back up.

VIA Forbes: Twitter Moms Sink Motrin Ad. Johnson & Johnson's legendary marketing machine just had a rare mess-up.

Click here to see the scathing comments on Twitter.

The source, the source, Kathleen of course.

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