Thursday, November 13, 2008

Similar, yet legally distinct

There may be no better example of how awesome the power of mass media broadcasting and advertising once was than the creation, building and selling of breakfast cereal brands. Boxed bundles of cheap primary ingredients were magically transformed by packaging design, imaginative character design and some very clever and rather insidious 30 second narratives.

I have written several times in the past on the psychology behind children's breakfast cereal commercials. Almost everyone of them are based on fantasies of control, fantasies about forbidden desire and persecution dramas. Someone is always trying to steal or get their hands on the Lucky charms, Fred's Fruit Pebbles etc. I particularly like the schizo-paranoid persecution dramas of the Coo Coo, the Cocoa Puffs bird and the Trix rabbit.

The history of cereal brands and their advertising really does encapsulate a lot about post WWII America, broadcast media, advertising and consumerism.

Given the frame that I bestow upon this subject you can imagine my disappointment when I saw these BAGGED brand ripoffs in the isle of a West Hollywood bulk food store.

Every newborn in America is fed Cheerios... Tasteeos? crass and wrong.

Invert the name and replace the elves with poorly illustrated robots. Nice job.

2 clearly retarded is picking his nose... no one wants this in their breakfast nook.


Bob Ichter said...

what's next " Cracker Captain"?

Thomas Sherman said...

cracker captain!...LOL!!!

how the hell have you been BOB!?