Sunday, December 07, 2008

1 Million copies of a Fake New York Times Newspapers Distributed

Given the amount of news I absorb I am shocked that I didn't see this when I happened. I'm not sure what NY coverage was like on this but I didn't see a thing here in Los Angeles.

On November 12, The Yes Men, a group of "culture jamming" activists circulated 1 million copies of a fake New York Times Newspaper with headlines like "Iraq War Over", "Universities to be free", "Bike paths to be expanded", Thomas Friedman to resign".

I can't think of a more appropriate response to the lack of credibility in controversy-plagued journalism, the levels of disinformation in television media and the pervasive amount of spin in our culture. Bravo gentleman.

The logistics of pulling this off obviously required a lot of preplanning, time and the work of many volunteers. Gawker has a good breakdown of how things were coordinated on the day the papers were distributed

Laughing Squid has links to the online and pdf versions of the paper.

The Yes Men website

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