Friday, December 12, 2008

The Collapse: Aesthetic Themes: Vacuums

I've been thinking about themes arising from the "salient features" of the ongoing economic (and social) collapse. One of the things I've been seeing more and more of are empty storefronts. They are, obviously, indicators of hard times for business, especially small businesses. As these pockets of vacuous, empty space open up and pockmark our social landscape there is a growing sense of expulsion and emptiness. These spaces, devoid of people and things are visible to daily life and metaphoric to our psyches. Invisible to plain sight are the factories and office buildings which blow jobs and roles out their doors along with the people that once filled them. It's starting to seem as though everything around us is being sucked away into a void.

Where does it all go?

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Kathleen said...

The mental imagery of the expulsion of people combined with the vacuum/disappearance of the stores/products creates an interesting dynamic.

It's harsh, and may soon affect me and mine, but transformational cycles like this occur throughout human history. I find it interesting (and scary) that we're at a potentially cataclysmic junction of events such as global climate change, economic craziness and the ability to extract images from the brain.