Monday, April 06, 2009

What channel is this?

Last night, while at the gym and on the stairmaster, I watched uncut video showing accused murderer Casey Anthony visiting with here parents in prison. What struck me was how much CNN resembled YouTube more than anything that might be called broadcast news or journalism. Beyond the ethical, privacy or legal issues that might be involved in broadcasting closed circuit video capture of prison visitation was the unedited running of this video without commentary (viewers were spared Nancy Grace's presence). Like a YouTube upload the "sharing" of this served no purpose other than to pass along a juicy, sensationalistic "find". Look at the title and typography, both pump and hyped this like a Girls Gone Wild informercial.

This may be the clearest example of broadcast television programming's inability (particularly news) to compete and redefine itself in the age of online video. Why not a channel that allows viewers to surf live prison visitations and watch executions on-demand?

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