Thursday, May 28, 2009

15 Sexist Vintage Ads

I really can't believe that some of these are real. Here are just 3 from the post on Oddee. Click here to be fully shocked and offended.

Thanks for the link Kathleen.

There have been a few stunners in recent years, usually from the UK and Europe. The controversial ads and banned add tags at the bottom of this post link to what I've posted about in the past. The ads from the past were blindly chauvinistic what is noticeable in more recent "banned" ads is the level of sexual violence.


Balam said...

I don't know exactly how the ad of the woman with a dog between her leggs is actually sexist... is instead a sexual "deviation" (for the common sexual preferences). I just can't tag it like that

Anonymous said...

This ad portrays women as a figure of no importance. She is depicted as lower than the dog that is taking advantage of her. I am offended that someone would give women this kind of image. This ad will make violence look more normal and silence women.