Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Baby, Baby, Baby

Some things just compel you to watch. Props to my boy Tom M in Detroit.


Coh-brah_Bitch said...

that is just flat out DOPE.

well fucken done, frenchy

Thomas Sherman said...

I wasn't blown away by the song, or was I, it's hard to recall, I was so engrossed in the watching the naked birds prancing down the blvd and trying to catch the reaction shots of people

DOPE it is

Ben said...

Fun (tho the song is only so-so).

A couple of interesting things going on here. With the brunettes, it seems that mostly women turn to look; with the blonde, it's both women and men. When people do turn to stare, they generally only glance and then look away again as if thinking, "ah, another typical jeudi on rue Montorgueil"

Coh-brah_Bitch said...

I also think women don't like to get caught starring. So, they stare real hard, they park it in the chick spank bank, they look away quick. The weaker ones who can't help it wait a beat, then look back again. Hoping to squeeze another ounce of naughty from the scene before it's lost forever, or tapped from the bank in the not so distant future.