Monday, May 25, 2009

The Sherman Foundation Blog Celebrates its 3rd Anniversary

The Sherman Foundation blog was started on Memorial Day Weekend in 2006. I had decided to stay in the city (NYC) an relax by myself. I spent the entire weekend watching conspiracy theory documentaries online. By the end of the weekend, after seeing how much truly unique, brilliant, wacked-out stuff was out there, was convinced that I needed to add mine to the mix.

I would like to thank all of the people that have visited and read, particularly the people that have returned.

My favorite posts are listed in the sidebar under "the best of". The most read and commented-on posts are included below.

Hope everyone had a great weekend.

The most viewed (listened to actually) and commented on post is Some loser douchbag's phone messages to a girl, an audio file of a guys voicemail messages to some girl. I believe these turned out to be staged.

The second most commented on post is One, the cover of u2's song. For leaking this I made #2 on Adweek's top viral video of 2006. I also recieved cease and desist papers from U2s record label, Universal. Original post: One... bank?

The third most read post is,
Eating Snickers may make you nuts, a 2006 post pointing out how shortsighted Snickers and their agency were for running a word based campaign ("Hungerectomy", "Substantialiscious" etc) and not doing SEO, keyword and url purchases.

Another widely circulated post was the Starbucks Caffeine Inhaler


Kathleen said...

Happy Anniversary!

Thomas Sherman said...

Thank you Kathleen :)

king friday said...

You will always be welcome in my neighborhood.