Thursday, June 25, 2009

Adobe Font Finder

It took Adobe what? 20 years to create a font finder app.

Typography is a good example of something that lacks a well developed, qualifiable way of describing and speaking about it. Particularly what the stylistic attributes connotate. Coming up with longer and longer lists of categories (like decorative, humorous, distressed) is a childish and unsophisticated way to address this. The approach to things like this should be obvious by now: tagging and folksonomy. Letting the design community ad tags, points of reference — like projects particular fonts were used in — as well as quirky oblique, descriptions would have developed such a rich and interesting discourse over time.


Kathleen said...

This site has two things I love: find fonts by tags and identify fonts from a graphic ("What the font"):

This site lets you narrow down font options (or find a particular font) by asking you 20 questions. You can also tell it to focus on a handful of key letters, at the beginning. I've had very good luck with it.

Ken Nimb said...

You have as well.