Friday, June 12, 2009

Woman's Facebook photo stolen, used in an ad in the Czech Republic

The photo is being used for an outdoor ad for a "high end" grocery store's delivery service in Prague.

Via King Friday Via CNN: Facebook photo stolen for ad. An American woman discovers her Facebook photo is being used as an ad in another country. (links to CNN video feature)


Kathleen said...

How did she even find out a thing like that? I really want to know how many of these issues are because people leave their profiles wide open to search and anyone who wants to look at them. Or is it that FB really does have zero security?

Thomas Sherman said...

How can she be sure they got it off of Facebook?

The woman has a friend in Prague that spotted the ad.


Michael Holmes said...

In my opinion thee is no way it came from FB. The size and resolution of the image needed to print the ad far exceeds the image from FB by a 1000% or more.

kamagra said...

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