Saturday, July 04, 2009

Hey Foodies!!!

A testament to DIY inventiveness in the kitchen. This is Why You're Fat: "Where Dreams Become Heart Attacks. Below are a couple of my favorites. If you dare click the link and visit the site, be warned. My gag reflex triggered a couple of times browsing these creations. Best viewed on an empty stomach.

The Royal Flush
A pile of 3 sunny side up eggs, beans, red chile sauce, cheddar cheese, 4 corn tortillas and 3 hash browned potatoes.
(submitted by Joseph Zobel)

The Pizza Party
A DiGiorno pizza on top of a Jack’s pizza topped with Totino’s pizza rolls.
(submitted by schizocentral)

Although the phot is repellant my favorite part of this one is the title: The Lord of the Rings

The Lord of the Rings
Foot long hot dog threaded through onion rings, served with cheese and bacon on top.
(submitted by Kristin Brammell via Pink’s Las Vegas)

My favorite part of the site might just be the type treatment for the header: Cooper Black (typeface) and process colors. Awesome.

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