Monday, July 13, 2009

Short Form

In this age of texts and tweets it seems only natural that expressive forms follow suit and reduce themselves to the bare minimum. Some example of super short-form expression and entertainment formats.

NPR's Three-Minute Fiction, Summer Writing Contest! Original short stories that can be read in three minutes or less (500-600 words). Listeners have already submitted over 3,000 entries.

Texts From Last Night (Remember that text you shouldn't have send last night? We do.)
"he spent the whole night trying to convince me into a2m. i won't even use the pb til i clean the jelly knife. i love him but it's not going to happen."

3 Frames: a blog devoted to animated gifs crafted from 3 frames from a motion picture.

One Sentence: True Stories told in one sentence.
"It was perfectly in character for me as a child, when I maintained to my first grade teacher that my favorite animal was not a giraffe or tiger, but grass."

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