Thursday, September 10, 2009

Business Card Design: Billionaire Stewart Rahr

"The front of the mock billion-dollar bill shows a picture of Rahr golfing with Donald Trump and Bill Clinton, and bears the slogan, "If I don't tell you how great I am, who will?" The back includes a picture of his $45 million Hamptons home, where he hosts charity benefits." (New York magazine: Introducing Stewie Rah Rah, Bearer of Awesome Business Card)

You're a total cock, but a funny one. I applaud you Stewart, well done!


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Gayathri said...

Business Card creates a friendly relationship with your clients. Business Card design is very good for every business. Nice business card. keep blogging and thanks.

Aliya said...

Nice design. I would much rather have a sustainably produced Business Card than a cheap piece of plastic that requires me to replace batteries. Besides the most important part of the business card is not just the contact details but the graphic way in which they are conveyed.

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Totally love the idea. Am constantly looking for new ideas for my company's business card so thanks for giving me new ideas! :)

Anonymous said...

"Business Card Design: Billionaire Stewart Rahr" its not a professional business card but its designing little bit nice.

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These are not professional business cards but their design is cool.I am not that impressed with front of the card but I like the back of the business card.So I would say check them if you want to see something different.