Saturday, September 12, 2009

God's Special Creatures: Ranked by Human Fatalities

An amusing little list I found on BlurtIt: The 10 most dangerous animals in the world based on the number of fatalities per year. I love the range and spread on this list. Starting with bears and a meager 5-10 kills a year. Sharks and Crocodiles are to be expected but the number of kills for crocs is a little surprising. Taking the number one spot, Mosquitoes, trouncing the competition with 2-3 million fatalities a year. Edward Deming, one of the few human beings that deserves to be described as a "management guru" once said that most organizations are destroyed by things that people don't even recognize. Such is life. Inserted into the list are links to a few relevant pieces from The Foundation.

10. Bears: 5-10 fatalities per year
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9. Sharks: About 100 fatalities per year

8. Jellyfish: About 100 fatalities per year

7. Hippopotamus: 100-150 fatalities per year

6. Elephants: 300-500 fatalities per year

5. Crocodiles: 600-800 fatalities per year
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4. Big Cats: About 800 fatalities per year

3. Scorpions: 800-2000 fatalities per year

2. Venomous Snakes: 50,000-125,000 fatalities per year

1. Mosquitoes: 2-3 million fatalities per year