Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Reading Pictures: Raped & Left for Dead

My friend Kelly was commenting on the great number of images in this month's Vogue Magazine (March) where the model are posed lying about (actually quite common). Her observation though got me thinking about a narrative theme in fashion photography that I call "raped and left for dead". I seem to recall seeing this much more in the 90's that I do now. I couldn't actually find an example in this month's Vogue. There was a jeans ad circa 1991 that was a quintessential example and the ad that triggered my conscious recognition of this narrative. Unfortunately I can't find it. The examples here are a bit obvious, the more interesting are the ones subtle to the point that they register only in the subconscious mind of most viewers. A more extreme, related theme are "death fetish" images. These days I see many more images of models (male and female) that simply look "left spent".


Charles Frith said...

It was called heroin chic in the 90's.

Interesting blog btw.

king friday said...

These are the types of girls you'd find on the wrong side of the trolley tracks

Charles Frith said...

What do you mean. Models or Models portraying nihilistic and/or existentialist tendencies?