Monday, March 08, 2010

Tooth Decay

I took a pic of this rather dramatic quite smoking psa in an NYC bodega. The tooth to me just looks pulled, not necessarily rotten and decayed.


Gerald said...

nice post!

Anonymous said...

Well, to me man, the tooth is not pulled since we can't see the roots in this image. I guess the organization just took a sample of a tooth that is very much exposed to nicotine. As you can see the enamel is already colored black and the tartar has already grown around the tooth and the gums looks swollen already.
Whew! Thank God there is cosmetic dentistry. Raleigh also helps to spread the word about smoking's negative results to our health. I am one of those who heed the call of Raleigh. Sedation dentist explained to me how I got my eroding enamel and full grown tartar and how the procedure would go. I was devastated by the facts, and eventually quit smoking to achieve better health.